Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rescue Us...

Sooo.... Dena had a to go to the Dr. to get a TB test for clearance to teach at the preschool. I got home around 6pm so she could go and get back before too late.

The Kids finished dinner and I gave them a bath - usually Kasey gets out first and Owen plays in the tub for a while. Tonight Owen decided to get out on his own when I told Kasey it was time for stories and bed.

I sat Owen out in the living room and let him watch the remainder of a "Go, Go, Diego" movie episode on TiVo. I had no idea how much was left, Dena had mentioned that if he was a good boy he could watch the end of the movie.

So I got Kasey into her room and ready for bed, we read three stories and then I put her down. All told I was probably in her room with the door closed for about 15-20 mins.

Some of you may not be familiar with TiVo - it's a Digital Video Recorder. Well, after you finish watching a recorded program if you don't interact with the recorder it will time out back to the recorded program lists and then if you still don't tell it what to do it will time out again and go to live TV.

Our TiVo box has two tuners - we can record or watch two different programs. At 7:25 ish it was recording the olympics and one other program.

I walk into the living room and see Owen GLUED to the TV, eyes wide and mouth agape...
"What's THIS fireman show Daddy? I LOVE this fireman show... It just like Fireman Sam but with BIG FIREMANS..." he won't stop. In the background i hear the thick, gruff, New York accent of Franco blurt out
"That Goddamn thing shoulda been checked before we left da 'house..."

I sheepishly respond - "oh yeah buddy, those are big Firemen... lets turn off the TV and get ready for bed now"

I have no earthly idea how long he was sitting there watching but apparently Owen's a BIG "Rescue Me" fan now...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bullet train

Today I rode the bullet train from Shanghai to Pudong Airport... I am so happy to be heading home.

Last night I stayed next to the TV Tower at the Bund. It is a beautiful location but as always when I'm traveling by myself in a foreign country I feel empty and alone because there is no one with which to share the experience.

I emailed this picture to Dena to show Owen. Apparently he refused to let go of the phone and appeared to be planning on sleeping with it. Wait until he sees the video. I'll post it when i get back. 300 Km/h was the fastest it goes at the time of morning I rode it... top speed in from 9:45-4:30pm is 430 km/h... wish I could have done that!